“First of all, I would like to thank the Organisers for the opportunity to participate with the presentation. The event is of great importance for us, enabling to draw attention to our company. In the morning, we managed to meet our potential customers. I suppose tomorrow new participants interested in our company will visit our exhibition display as well. I can say that our company regularly participates in the events organised by Vostock Capital and every time we reach our goals: find potential customers and spread the information about our company across the country.”
MWM Russia
German Teplovodskiy

“At the Forum there were many interesting people, companies and projects. We met with many companies with whom it was previously not possible for us to meet.”
Оleg Melnikov

Any opportunities to communicate, exchange experiences, for sure, be perceived with a great optimism and joy. Real-life communication with experts, colleagues of other entities is, for sure, invaluable.The most important value of the forum is, of course, real-life communication because communication allows you to find ties with those colleagues who are willing to share their experience, and even more I can add, strengthen ties between regions.
Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Primorye Province
Elena Parkhomenko

The Conference is very interesting and important. The trends developing in Russia are presented, special attention is paid to environmental friendliness and economic aspects of the industry. The issues of modern equipment that will ensure import substitution and comply with international standards are being considered and discussed. The selection of participants was done very competently.
Director of the Ecotoxicology Research
Mikhail Vinokurov

We have been participating in Vostock Capital events for quite a long time and every time the impressions are positive. Useful and relevant topics, among the participants there are exactly the companies that we expected to see. It is always interesting to meet decision makers in person, every time we leave the events with a large volume of new and valuable contacts.
Product Director (LEWA, CMP), Nikkiso Industrial RUS
Oleg Azarov

The Event leaves a very positive impression, as people who are interested in the development of the industry have gathered. Participants share not only their best practices, but also their problems they face in this area.
CEO, Titan – Polymer
German Petrushko

I have attended this event for the first time, and would like to notice the good organisation and definitely positive impressions. This event is very useful not only for development and personal growth, but for business, the Conference allows to meet new customers, establish old contacts and acquire new ones.
Regional Representative, VERATEC
Andrey Lukin

The impressions are extremely positive. It is a very useful platform where the heads of leading companies and representatives of the professional community present. For professionals in the mining industry, this event is very useful, the Conference promotes the establishment of new reliable, promising contacts.
Head of the Communications Department in Olenegorsk, Communications and Investor Relations Department, Severstal Management
Ksenia Selivanova

I have participated in the interesting and dynamic event with a great amount of mining companies. Not only the leading companies of the industry, but also the Government of Murmansk Region were represented among the participants. Such events will be able to boost the development of the mining industry in Russia and the CIS. Since there is currently a restructuring for import substitution, this Conference is very important and relevant for all companies.
Full Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences, Deputy General Director, Fidesis
Maxim Sonnov

The Conference touches on current topics and examines the general state of the coal industry. It is worth noting that the organisation of meetings by Vostock Capital employees is quite effective, and it is not necessary anymore to look for partners, representatives of companies on one’s own.
Deputy Director of the Concentrating Plant, Southern Coal Company
Vladimir Sulitsky

The Event turned out to be of a very high level, Vostock Capital managed to attract leading companies in the industry, the regional public sector represented by Industry Ministers, as well as leaders in the field of technological solutions.
Deputy Director, KHIMVEST PTE of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
Igor Lyashkov

We discussed the main trends and topics related to the development of the coal industry. Such events always build certain contacts, acquaintances, which in the future will lead to cooperation in various fields. The Conference allows to expand the circle of interested people, talk about possible projects and attract new partners.
Deputy Governor of Zabaykalsky Krai, Government of Zabaykalsky Krai
Pyotr Popov

I have noticed and I am sure I will always state that the efficient organization of Vostock Capital for the development of these events as well as the inclusion of some platforms that are not common, that is, we do not see them often in our webinars events. I found it quite interesting because it is the technological platforms that support these innovative events, whether it is to have meetings or to participate in networking sessions. So, I can say that your platform has been excellent and this has been a great part of the success of these workshops.
Ministry of Mines and Energy, Peru
Roberto Tamayo

The main advantage of online events is the way people can interact without having to be in the same place. We were able to meet important people and decision makers from mining groups that are about to set up in Peru or that already have projects and want to expand. These types of events can facilitate the commercial expansion, helping you build relationships and connecting with those contacts that can sometimes be hard to reach.
Iván Orozco

I really liked the efficiency of the format, especially your support. Because one of the concerns when you go to an online event is precisely to ensure that you will be able to make it to the meetings, to talk to people, and for this I think that your support is fundamental. You also assigned a person dedicated to us, who was always on line, confirming if the meetings were held, updating the schedule. All this, I believe in an online event is very important for it to be successful.
Milton Malva

I am acquainted with the events held by Vostock Capital for many years. Their distinctive feature is professionalism. The team always tailors events to current agenda, that is why the events are so relevant. This platform is not just about experience sharing but it is the place where truth is born in arguments and networking.
Sad-Gigant Ingushetia
Zamir Balkizov

That’s cool to have such a community which unites industry representatives to discuss issues, ask questions, choose topics to promote, to cooperate and reach goals.
SPK Arkhangelsk Cranberry
Vitalia Ishemgulova

That was the event where we met our colleagues last year – we communicated and established the association of honeyberry produces. For me, it is a landmark event. This year the line-up of participants is good – we can interact with government, minagri, and meet peers.
Artem Sorokin

This event plays a huge role in the integration of the energy systems of the Middle Asia. All hydropower players gather here. I am impressed by this event. Thank you, Vostock Capital.
the Ministry of Energy of the Uzbekistan Republic
Muzaffar Khakimov

The Congress is very productive. Dedicated public authorities of the region, all major energy players are here. All interested parties get relevant information, engage in productive dialogues on unlocking investment in the industry. Holding this event is crucial for attracting investors in the region and for establishing a dialogue with energy companies and government. A lot of suggestions and offers are brought forward to facilitate business development.
National Committee of Industry, Energy, and Subsoil of the Kyrgyz Republic
Beknur Maratbekov

The event is useful to establish new contacts, get relevant info about the potential in region, for cooperation. It is very useful to obtain information about industry status from regional ministries. I’ve held a lot of meetings with hydropower companies which are interested in cooperating with companies from Iceland.
Embassy of Iceland in Russia
Arni Thor Sigurdarson

We were impressed by the number of participants and, from the point of view of geographical variety, we see many companies here. I was impressed by the number of hydrogen projects which are starting to be developed in Russia today. We talked to the main major companies here. We see great interest and we are happy about it. We cover a large market here, and we plan to further develop cooperation with Vostock Capital.
Gaffar Mirzoev

The largest companies of Russia and the international market are represented here by impressive people, competent in their field, who are ready to show and tell about what is happening in the industry now. The event provides an opportunity for all participants to exchange opinions and talk about current trends.
Siemens Energy
Oleg Titov

Today, those who are present here, will occupy key niches in the further development of hydrogen economy. It is very nice to see companies represented by foreign specialists here. We see that this is a promising trend that attracts serious forces. Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with people interested in development.
Fesco Transportation Group
Vyacheslav Svitlinets

Vostock Capital has done much work to boost the agrarian sector – the company gathered over 500 specialists from various spheres who interact to see each other’s production results, to share experiences, to learn from first-hand what to expect and what will be prioritised.
the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Dagestan Republic
Sharip Sharipov

This is a very important event where we can communicate and get unique information we could not reach from other sources. This format provides the opportunity to listen to each other, to ask questions and get the answers. Forum participants are the representatives of public authorities, banks, business. They know the agenda and we have no doubts in their competences. I even regret I haven’t brought here more representatives of our company as there are a lot of sessions which we could cover. Here we meet people we’ve heard about, we can get acquainted with them and exchange our contacts.
Ivanisovo Agrocomplex
Alexander Shamsunov

We participate each year, we have an excellent opportunity this year to meet partners and clients and strengthen our ties and of course to develop our business. This event will be attended by all from the greenhouse market. In 2 days we will learn everything happening in the market to make plans and to be even more effective.
Gavita International b.v.
Stefano Hiwat