Vostock Capital is a forward-thinking company dedicated to driving the growth of industries through strategic industrial investment events. With over 22 years of proven success, we have established a strong clientele of top-ranking companies who trust in our services.

Our focus lies in organising international conferences, congresses, forums, exhibitions, summits, and specialised experience-sharing programmes tailored for experts in the oil and gas, agroindustrial, IT, pharmaceutical, mining, and power engineering sectors. We operate across the CIS, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, creating valuable networking and knowledge exchange opportunities for industry professionals aiming to drive growth and innovation.

Benefits of participation:
Vostock Capital boasts a proficient, multilingual team of dedicated professionals who speak 10 languages and specialize in event management, market analytics, and industry expertise.
Extensive experience in event making, knowledge of global best practices, and industry insights.
Our portfolio of 35 premium events is highly reputed across industries and countries, tailored to deliver diverse views, cutting-edge information, and solutions to the most critical industry challenges.
Our mission is to create impeccable and effective business venues that bring key market players together, provide reliable and valuable business-oriented intelligence, and drive experience-sharing and brainstorming for successful project solutions, leading to the sustainable development of industries and regions worldwide.
Hight level and C-suite participants and speakers.
Effective match-making service and other wide opportunities for networking. Each of our event witnesses over 300 one-on-one meetings, which become the foundation for a long and mutually beneficial cooperation of event participants.