Evgeny Korotaev
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My name is Evgeny Korotaev. I'm from Gazprombank. Privately, this is the second time I am taking part in an event arranged by Vostock Capital. The first one was quite recently, a month and a half ago, the Congress and Exhibition «Gold Mining Russia and CIS». I think we have drawn very useful conclusions by participating in these events. In addition, we get to know key industry clients, cooperate with them on the development of our products, as well as possible projects they need for project financing and other banking opportunities that we can provide to our key clients. I like the arrangement, the venue chosen by Vostock Capital, the people who accompany us as the general sponsor of this event, the preparation (how we prepare for meetings with clients, how everything is arranged in the meeting room). Everything is very cozy and pleasant, it is clear that clients like to come and interact with us with such a high-quality arrangement. Thank you very much! It is clear that everything we start, we start, including networking with clients here and this is the most important starting point in order to offer our banking products, for which we are very grateful to Vostock Capital. The country is developing, projects are being developed in our country, and without such forums, I think it would be more difficult for people to look for leads and contacts, and these, as you know, are key parameters for a business to be profitable, useful and prosperous in the future. We recommend and will recommend!
ZongHeng (Ilya)
Jhongji Sunward
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I am from the Chinese company Jhongji Sunward. We are very pleased to participate in this international forum and our colleagues are very pleased to meet Russian partners and colleagues. Our company is engaged in the production and design of equipment for the non-ferrous metallurgy. This is the first time we are participating in an international forum arranged by Vostock Capital. Our first impression of the event is the arrangement at a high level. The event is very useful for our business and for our company, because here we met many Russian industry participants, metallurgists.
Denis Sergeev
NPO Akonit
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My name is Denis Sergeev, NPO Akonit, Vologda. We are the visitors of the 2nd International Forum «Non-Ferrous Metals of Russia and CIS», we actively interact with Vostock Capital. We thank your managers for allowing us to contact the decision makers who are interested in us. In principle, we have a good impression of your event. The first impression is that, firstly, specialised professionals who are interesting to us in our activity, such as technical specialists and management personnel, come together here. We receive information about investment projects that will be developed in the near future and already in the context of the next three years we exchange our opinions and have common ground in the supply of conveyor transport and crushing complexes. We have the first half of the day ... now we have already discovered about 5 interesting projects in the mining sphere, we will develop them.
Igor Tushkanov
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This is not the first time we have participated in this Forum. Indeed, your organisation is engaged in a useful business and holds this event for the benefit of the common cause: communication of specialists, exchange of best practices and finding customers and performers of those activities that are necessary for the industry.
Vyacheslav Svitlinets
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The platform traditionally brings together large companies that are leaders in the industry. Today we see a large number of major players here. We are talking about prospects, forecasts in the industry and, of course, about joint planning of future projects. This is a useful event, and I am sure that it would be very useful for people involved in the industry and carrying the Russian flag to be here.
Darya Odinokova
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The beginning of the Forum surprised me, because usually the Forum starts with some facts about the past year, and about some experience. This year, we heard a lot of information from market participants, about their actual, real experience, and we heard about the challenges we faced this year. Certainly, this is very useful, urgent and relevant at the moment. It's very helpful that we can meet with people that we can't meet in the mundane life. We can discuss some issues one-on-one, and it is very convenient, especially, in an informal setting. We gladly accept invitations to socialise. We advise the event to the colleagues from other companies as the place where we can communicate and solve some issues.
Sergei Agaurov
Arkhangelsk LNG
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"The event that is currently taking place - the LNG Congress, organized by Vostock Capital, is considered to be very expert-rich and pleasant. Personally, the event is very interesting for me; a large number of experts and decision-makers are gathered here. We have been in the market for a long time, and such a platform for communication is very useful. In any case, we meet, communicate, and find common ground. The conditions offered by the organiser are very comfortable, so I invite everyone to participate. Nobody will ever regret it, because the effect you will get as a result of this event will clearly outweigh the costs associated with conducting this event."
Miao Tengfei
Shanghai Nancal Electric Co., Ltd.
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"This is the first time I came to the event. I really liked it, it was very useful. Right now, after all the events, we have an opportunity to supply equipment to Russia and to help promote peace and friendship between China and Russia."
Roman Sukhono​​sov
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"I regularly attend your events, specifically this one, but not only this one. This event is certainly the most useful for my work because I am involved in financing large projects, including LNG projects, and it is important to understand what is happening not only in the gas market, but also around it, which projects are being implemented, what equipment is being supplied, what issues are being addressed. It is very useful to participate in discussions, listen to presentations, and communicate with people during the conference. I have participated and will continue to participate. The issues change, the questions that require discussion also change, the decisions change, and being in the information field, especially in connection with changes and during the process of changes, is very important."
Tatiana Kropacheva
GV Gold
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Expectations were satisfied, in fact, the event is very significant. It seems to me that when business representatives, miners, contractors, suppliers and representatives of supervisory authorities come together, we can work out a unified position in such difficult times. Everyone can see that we have an unstable situation right now, this is exactly the moment when you can understand that the industry is united. We have a future and I hope it is brilliant. In addition, I represent a gold mining company, it is always interesting to know about the projects which other colleagues have, how they solve current challenges - both external ones and challenges of internal regulation. The trip is very good, relevant. It is always useful and interesting to get some new ideas, understand new approaches to solving your current work tasks. There are scheduled meetings, and there are new acquaintances with suppliers. Everything is great.
Alexander Kochetkov
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It is very interesting to hear especially the reports of experienced people expressing energy. They are for 56 years in the industry, and they have energy for another 56 years ahead. I believe that such events are certainly important for networking in the expert community. The arrangement is great, the number of participants is large, the speakers and sessions are interesting!
Anton Zakharov
Mikhailovsky Concentrating Plant named after A. V. Varichev
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The event is very good, it is a chance to meet with colleagues, network, exchange news, find out who is doing what, learn about the areas of development, challenges, solutions. We talked with the colleagues of the same mining plants as well as the companies that are suppliers of equipment and discussed promising issues.